Head RIP Control 200m Reel

Size: 1.25mm / 17
Color: Natural
Sale price$114.95 USD
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The Head Rip Control is a very comfortable multifilament string. The string is arm-friendly and gives a lot of cushioning. Because the production process of this string is the same as that of a gut string, this string has a super ball feeling.
The string features a multifilament polyamide fiber core, unique ribbon twisted construction, polyolefin material, and a ''spin'' textured surface. Thanks to the exclusive RIP technology, the string offers exceptional control, allowing you to change the tempo and speed where necessary.

  • Construction: Multifilament
  • Color: Natural, Black, Orange
  • Gauge: 1.25mm / 17, 1.30mm / 16
  • Length: 660ft / 200m

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