Weiss Cannon 6Star Supercharged 16 1.30mm 200m Reel

Color: Natural
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  • Gauges: 16 / 1.30mm
  • Length: 660ft / 200m reel
  • Construction: Twisted monofilament and multifilament fibers
  • Colour: Natural, Purple
Weiss Cannon state that their 6 Star String has been twisted many times to achieve the highest potential spin.
Cannons technicians say that they have used an entirely new high-tech process to produce the string by combining Multifilaments and Monofilaments fibres together. Due to the highly elastic raw materials used it is important to adjust the string clamps correctly to prevent damaging the string. 
Note: When stringing, Weiss Cannon have recommended that it should be strung with 6% more tension then other multifilaments.

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