Weiss Cannon Dual Reality Hybrid 1.18mm & 1.32mm

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To get the best efficiency out of your tennis, the cross strings should be strung 3 kg higher than the main strings. That's only one of the secrets of this unique hybrid string.
Recommended string tensions:
95sq inch rackets
Cross - 25kg, main - 22kg
110sq inch rackets
Cross - 27kg, main - 24kg
Developed and designed by Weiss Cannon Germany.
  • Gauges:
    main string - 1.18mm
    cross string - 1.32mm
  • Length:
    main string - 6.40m
    cross string - 5.40m

  • Color:
    main string - black
    cross string - silver

  • Material:
    main string - polymer
    cross string - polyamid
1.18 mm future Polymer combined with 1.32mm incredible Polyamid.
  • Mega touch
  • Ultra power
  • Gut-like feel
  • Hybrid technology

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