Weiss Cannon Scorpion 200m Reel

GAUGE: 1.22mm / 17
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  • Gauges: 17 / 1.22mm, 16L / 1.28mm, 1.33mm / 16
  • Length: 660ft / 200m reel
  • Construction: Polyester Monofil
  • Colour: White
If you are seeking the performance and control of a poly-based string with some extra power on your shots, then Weiss CANNON Scorpion may be just the string for you. Scorpion offers solid all round performance along with surprising power, comfort, durability, spin potential and resistance to movement. Hard hitters will really appreciate this string.
Construction: Monofil poly-based string made of high grade polymers and special chemical additives that are monomix reinforced. The construction of this string allows for added power, comfort and control with solid tension maintenance.
Advantage: An unusual balance of power, control, comfort and durability.

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