Yonex Aerobite Hybrid 200m Reel

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Yonex's first ever hybrid string combo. The new AEROBITE applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes or a solid touch for hairpins that drop straight down.

Yonex Aerobite is a multifilament string and Yonex's first hybrid set ever. The mains are constructed using a high intensity nylon, high polymer braided nylon with a polyurethane coating. The crosses are high intensity nylon and high polymer braided nylon.

Aerobite offers heavy spin and a solid touch. Made in Japan.

Gauge: Mains 0.67mm and Crosses 0.61mm

Colour: Mains White and Crosses Red

Yonex Aerobite 0.67-0.61mm Badminton Hybrid 200M (105m + 95m) Reel strings approximately 20 racquets.

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